SERF Certification

Giving wholesale and retail customers assurance of responsible farming practices.

About Our Program
Serf -logoSERF is an innovative certification tool for Christmas tree farmers. A certified farm supports a balanced economic, social and environmentally sustainable Christmas tree operation. Each farm develops a Sustainability Plan detailing activities in five performance areas. The farm must demonstrate via an inspection program conducted by the state agricultural department that the plan is being used, updated and followed in all phases of operations.

Why Buy a SERF Certified Tree
When a Christmas tree farm meets SERF certification standards, they earn the right to display the SERF logo on their trees and/or promotional materials. That way, when consumers see the SERF logo, they know that it has come from a farm that has met rigorous standards for protecting land, water, communities and wildlife.

Performance Measures


Protect and promote biodiversity. Performance measures include protecting natural features, water ways, fish and wildlife habitat and ensure that workers and equipment minimize harm to biodiversity.
Tree -bird
Soil and Water Resources
Actively involved in long-term conservation of soil and water resources. Performance measures include utilizing soil erosion prevention practices and implementing protective measures to mitigate potential negative impact of farm activities on water quality.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
Utilizes appropriate IPM techniques to control insects, weeds, diseases and other pests. Performance measures include training in IPM systems and providing evidence of utilizing IPM in decisions and actions.

Health and Safety
Create a safe environment for all workers. Performance measures include health and safety training for employees. Risks on the farm are evaluated and training practices are updated to reduce risks.

Community and Consumer Relations
Active in the community and with industry groups in fostering farm stewardship and environmental education. Performance measures include involvement with community and industry organizations to preserve, protect and conserve natural resources. Promote environmental and sustainability education.

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