How We Grow

Growing REAL Christmas Trees

Ever wonder where your Christmas tree comes from? If you buy a tree from the Pacific Northwest, it has gone through years of attentive care before it becomes a part of your home for the holidays.

  • The majority of Christmas trees sold in California, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada were grown in the Pacific Northwest.
  • The Pacific Northwest is home to more than 1,000 individual Christmas-tree growers and farmers. Acreages range from more than 10,000 acres to four to five acres.
  • The Pacific Northwest is the world's largest producer of Douglas-Fir Christmas trees, but is also known for its Noble and Grand fir varieties. In fact, the Pacific Northwest is the only region in the world that produces Noble Firs.
  • While the end product appears only briefly, growing the trees - planting, fertilizing, pruning, shearing, etc. - is a task that takes years before the trees ever reach your home. For instance, a Noble Fir can take up to nine years to reach six feet tall.
  • Freshness is key, so some growers use helicopters to lift fresh-cut trees from the fields.
  • Our family of farmers puts the utmost care and attention into raising real Christmas trees. Continuing to care for your real Christmas tree at home ensures it will remain the focal point of your holiday celebrations throughout the season.
  • Christmas trees grown in the Pacific Northwest come in many varieties and sizes to match your holiday travel schedule and lifestyle.
  • Buying a real, farm-grown Christmas trees helps support U.S.-based growers and business.